Children can start the DOORS Method from 2 years and 8 months old** as long as they can

  1. pay attention and keep his / her concentration in a 30-minute class
  2. show a disciplined attitude towards a teacher’s request
  3. play with DOORS materials in 2 half-hour sessions at home daily

** For mother-to-be or parents with younger children, consultation and seminar for coaching toddlers including how to play the DOORS reflex games to learn vocabulary can be arranged separately.

We can teach parents, in a single lesson, everything they need to learn in the various Reflex Card Games so any adult can launch that exercise with toddlers at home to read vocabulary word-cards. A few mothers successfully coached their daughters under age 2 before they could speak properly to visually 'read' the word-cards without any pictures using the DOORS Magic Finger Game, as shown in the attached video link.