How effective is the DOORS Method?

  1. Toddlers can normally read before age 2. Putting in a total of an hour daily playing card games and other DOORS English assignments, students could speed read > 100 wordcards without any picture before turning 2; and at two and a half years old more than 100 books had been read and could read any new level 3 Ladybird books within 30 minutes. Please read Parents' Feedback under TESTIMONIALS.

  2. The first ‘breakthrough’ to read new words can sometimes be within an hour after starting the DOORS Method.

  3. Besides laying the phonic foundation, the number of books read can be 3 to even 9 times the number of hours spent at the DOORS Method Learning Centre.  For example, after an average of 20 hours of lessons, a student will have read about 60 new books, and started dictation of words and sentences to develop spelling skills, besides finishing the DOORS I program. Many students of age 3 years 2 months old could read any new level 4 Ladybird books within 30 minutes.

  4. Our students will normally achieve a reading and writing level which is 2 or more years above their peers in less than 18 months.

  5. It has been proven that many can write compositions with a decent spelling skill and correct letter size after spending about one year with us. Please read DOORS student's compositions written by children as young as age 3 under TESTIMONIALS.

  6. We have proven results with difficult cases such as children with delayed reading and writing skills.

  7. All students are referred solely via “Word of Mouth” and there is always a waiting list.

    Rachel (4 years old)-Has read 197 books after spending 50 hours at DOORS.

    Lauren (5 years and 7 months)- Has read 435 books and written 73 compositions after spending 107 hours at DOORS.

    Jamie (4 years and 5 months old) - Has read 332 books after spending 76 hours at DOORS.