The DOORS Method aims to train your child to:

  1. Accurately pronounce and systematically learn a large number of words even with ease without prior knowledge of the alphabet.
  2. Independently pronounce new words using the DOORS reflex training.
  3. Acquire an early reading ability to fluently read new books with confidence and fluency.
  4. Develop a lifelong interest and love in reading as a beneficial hobby from a young age.
  5. Recognize the various meanings and applications of English words.
  6. Expand his/her versatility and creativity to use words in writing.
  7. Derive the proper spelling of a new word from listening to its pronunciation.
  8. Learn fundamental English grammar by using interactive computer games.
  9. Acquire the passion to express himself/herself freely in compositions, each paragraph with a theme.
  10. Reinforce common sense by using Enrichment Exercises via the DOORS I Program.
  11. Answer questions correctly in full sentences in Reading Comprehension via the DOORS II Program.
  12. Understand the various usage and reasons for different homonyms.
  13. Enhance his/her knowledge of synonyms and antonyms.
  14. Improve concentration via eye contact with DOORS teaching materials in class.
  15. Correct phonetic problems via our easy-to-grasp phonics system and reflex approach.