DOORS I PROGRAM– Reading and Writing

We train students to read and write using a reflex approach. Your child will learn 635+ words and 310 sentences via a standardized learning cycle using DOORS materials:

  1. 150 Picture-Wordcards*
  2. Text I*
  3. Supplementary Exercises I*  
  4. Enrichment Exercises I*
  5. DOORS abc Booklet*

DOORS students can normally achieve a reading and writing level of 2 or more years above their peers' in less than 2 years. Many can write simple compositions with a decent spelling skill and correct letter size after spending about one year (~48 hours) with us.

Some parents may defer the development of their children’s writing skills. We do respect every parent’s choice and you can adopt a more flexible syllabus to exclude the writing options for your child until further notification from you.


(1) Solo DOORS I Reading and Writing Program is on a 1-on-1 basis. Parents are encouraged to attend (3 + 1) lessons with their child to learn how to apply and practice the DOORS Method at home.

Fees : $8,000 (30 minutes twice weekly)
DOORS I Materials : $900 (*items 1-5)


(2) Group DOORS I Reading for 3 to 6 students (of age over 4)

Phonics Beginners
» learn 1000+ words
» read 61 rhyming stories + other reading books
» learn 18 vowel sounds
» learn 52 consonant sounds
» read 310+ Text sentences
» read 150 Wordcard sentences
» 3 phonics rules
Fees per month: $3,000 (60 minutes x 1 weekly)
DOORS I Materials : $900 (*items 1-5)

All fees must be paid prior to the first lesson of every 4 classes.

To adopt the above two DOORS I group class programs for schools or other education centers, please call 2882 8686 or email for any enquiries.