What inspired Auntie Dora to develop the ‘DOORS Method for Reading and Spelling’ in 1986 was her determination to spend quality time with her own daughters while they were toddlers. She found that babies can learn their first language, grammar and pronunciation by reflex, automatically, without thinking or knowing how to make certain sounds. Since one cannot reason with a toddler as young as 17 months, whose attention span is 10 to 15 minutes at the most, the DOORS Method was adopted, using the Reflex Approach.

Before turning two, Auntie Dora’s daughters were able to read 100 Chinese characters and over 100 English words without any illustrative aids, nor knowing the alphabet. Her two daughters’ reading abilities before turning 5 years old were evaluated by the German Swiss International School as equivalent to the ages of 10.3 and 9.7, even though she had stopped coaching her own girls after age 3.

Via extensive research and experimentation, the DOORS Method is a unique methodology to gradually build an intrinsic DOORS phonic system in a child through playing reflex games, applicable to children at a very young age. Students are trained to react reflexively, without having to think or to analyze how phonetic sounds of letters are blended to pronounce new words, as in a rhyme.

At the DOORS Method Learning Centre (DMLC), we believe a child’s mind is like an absorbing sponge. Children only grow up once and the golden period of learning is actually in the first three to five years when brain cells rapidly divide. Exposure to languages and various concepts in these early years will affect a child’s development in the next 10 years and beyond. Many parents underestimate a child’s ability to learn at this stage. It is true that the more one reads, the better one writes as a result. Equipping your child with strong verbal and writing skills at a young age is therefore crucial for his or her later years in life.

For over 30 years, students are referred almost exclusively through “Word of Mouth” by  parents who are impressed and convinced by our results, and who are prepared to endorse our approach. Some have even become “DOORS Goodwill Ambassadors”. The DOORS Method has won and continues to win wide recognition and acclaim. There is always a waiting list, which in a way is testimony of its popularity and effectiveness.