Students will learn 8 grammatical functions, 41 rhyming stories, for reading comprehension, 56 Text-lessons, 22 Reviews, and 2,000 + words via 3,131 sentences in the DOORS II ONLINE INTERACTIVE GAME using DOORS II teaching materials.

  1. ONLINE interactive game
  2. Text II*
  3. Supplementary Exercises II
  4. Enrichment Exercises II* (for Reviews)
  5. I Can Read Well* (for Reading Comprehension)


For DOORS Method Learning Centre (DMLC) students to learn the DOORS II ONLINE PROGRAM – 29 additional Grammar topics will also be covered in class at DMLC, for age 5+ with a maximum of 6 students per class
Fees per month: 60 minutes weekly, with ONLINE interactive game included
    a) $8,200 per student for Private Class, OR
    b) $4,200 per student for a group of 2 students, OR
    c) $3,200 per student for a group of 2+ students

DOORS II Materials : $1100 (*items 2-5)

Please call (+852) 2882 8686 or email for booking weekly class schedule