Students will learn 8 grammatical functions, 41 rhyming stories, for reading comprehension, 56 Text-lessons, 22 Reviews, and 2,000 + words via 3,131 sentences in the DOORS II ONLINE INTERACTIVE GAME using DOORS II teaching materials.

  1. ONLINE interactive game
  2. Text II
  3. Supplementary Exercises II 
  4. Enrichment Exercises II (for Reviews)
  5. I Can Read Well (for Reading Comprehension)


For DOORS Method Learning Centre (DMLC) students to learn the DOORS II ONLINE PROGRAM – 29 additional Grammar topics will also be covered in class at DMLC, for age 5+ with a maximum of 6 students per class
Fees per month: 60 minutes weekly, with ONLINE interactive game included
    a) $8,200 per student for Private Class, OR
    b) $4,200 per student for a group of 2 students, OR
    c) $3,200 per student for a group of 2+ students

DOORS II Materials : $1100

Please call (+852) 2882 8686 or email for booking weekly class schedule